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Join SSG commandos

Every patriotic and enthusiastic Pakistanis desire to join SSG commandos to be the best in the world. 

Many people asked the queries, So, We’ve brought a complete guide that how can you join SSG Commandos.

SSG stands for Special Service Group, it was formed in 1956, Indo-Pak war in 1965, was it's first major deployment.

Commandos of any country considered as real assets and they never afraid of getting themselves in danger. But the thing which sets apart SSG Commandos from others is their Power of Iman and Faith on Allah Almighty.

How to Join SSG Commandos : 

Few requirements, necessary to join special service group are mentioned below:
  •       One should be an Active Soldier or Officer of Pak-Army
  •       Service should be lesser than 5 years

A soldier fulfilling these criteria is eligible to apply for SSG. After applying through selected channels, one has to pass the physical test. Physical test consists of 40 pushups in 1 minute, 40 situps in 1 minute, and running test of 1.5 Mile within 7 and half minutes. However, these details are as per our information, physical standards may vary.

After passing the physical test, the candidate has to go through by complete Medical Test. Only the brave and fully fit people are capable of bearing the toughest training of SSG. For officers, the training duration is 9 months and 6 months for soldiers.

How Can a Soldier Apply For SSG :

Formerly, Soldiers from any force (Army, Navy & Airforce) can apply for SSG . But now, Pak Navy has a separate institution to train their commandos themselves which called as Navy Seal. For this, there are two ways available for a candidate. Either by submitting application in their unit or by visiting Headquarters. Group of SSG commandos visits various units to raise the morale of soldiers to join SSG. Unlike other courses, a soldier can join SSG according to his will.


Due to the qualification of the SSG course, SSG Commandos get extra allowances. And their salary is relatively higher than soldiers of the same rank belongs to other arms.

SSG Commando Training:

Hardest training makes them fearless and eager to sacrifice while defending the national security. An SSG commando has to face severe conditions such as falling from a helicopter, learning survival skills, etc. This tardy training make a commando equivalent to 20 soldiers. Besides this, he taught Martial Arts, Close Combat Techniques, and other techniques that make a complete guerilla fighter.

Why SSG Commandos are best?

History is witness that whenever our nation faces an unpleasant situation, we find SSG right there, right away. Whether it is a disaster situation or terrorist attack on APS Peshawar. Heroes like Maj. Abid Zaman and Capt. RoohUllah Shaheed, fulfills their promise of defending their motherland by fighting valiantly.

Every soldier is our hero and every Pakistani is a soldier.

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