ISSB Guideline For Recommendation - Read This Before You Go For ISSB


ISSB Guideline For Recommendation - Read This Before You Go For ISSB

ISSB Guideline is here with all things you need to do before appearing at ISSB.

Schedule at ISSB goes throughout the year. Batches after batches reporting and every aspirant try their level best to get selected for this reputed job. Success ratio maximizes for those candidates having proper ISSB Guideline. I’ve seen many candidates who remain unfamiliar with the tests that are going to be held there. Therefore, despite having the potential ISSB selectors looking for, they couldn’t make it. So, if you want to avoid the embarrassment and perform better, then this post is for you.

ISSB Guideline – Things certainly to do before ISSB

You need to understand the requirement and qualities they check in your personality. Being the human, surely we have some flaws and merits too. But there are 14 leadership qualities, out of which 7 are must qualities.

Read this list and figure out which one of these you have.

14 leadership qualities for ISSB recommendation - ISSB Guide | Merit Pakistan
So now let’s get straight into those ISSB Guidelines, you are looking for, in this post.

Physical Fitness:

ISSB selectors got impressed by alert, physically and mentally sound candidates, capable of bearing the arduous and most laborious training at PMA. Nobody wants to ruin their chances of recommendation due to low physical health.  For this reason, it is advised to prepare you for the upcoming GTO outdoor tasks. Incorporate exercise such as running, playing sports, into your daily routine, to boost your stamina.

GK and Current Affairs:

Good Leaders must be aware of the current happening and having general awareness. During military life, he has to do deal with any situation. But this doesn’t mean they want you to be a Philosopher at all. Reading English newspaper can aid you to stay updated with the major current affairs across the globe. Furthermore, there are many books out there in the market. You can read those books to memorize the basic knowledge about geography, history, Islam and everyday science.

Polish Speaking Skills:

If you want not to ruin your first impression and performance in Interviews, then be assured you have good communication skills. One, who is lacking in it, would unluckily lose the chances of his recommendation. Similar to the above point, it doesn’t mean if your good debater or speaker, then your recommendation is certain. Although, it builds positive impressions of you not your whole performance utterly depends on it.
Participating in group discussion and class presentation would be advantageous in this respect. Don’t worry if currently, you do not have command on this. Everything can be achieved, and this is just human-quality.

Have Proper Knowledge about Each Test

Going to ISSB without proper details about tests wouldn’t be a wise thing. Read other articles of our forum to get the idea. Due to less time given, you may not attempt many questions. So it is usually suggested to prepare for them. But not try to memorize your sentences as it can result in failure. Follow this ISSB Guideline to make yourself an influential candidate.

Be Positive:

Firstly, it should be clear; positivity doesn’t always refer to overlook the other side. One thing is commonly suggested by many of recommended candidates, that to remain Natural. But what does it mean?
It means to show them who you really are. Don’t copy the answers and style of others. With the experience of years, you will get caught when you try to fool them. Therefore, stay positive and have positive thoughts in your mind about results. But don’t call the white colour irrespective of its black appearance.
Let’s define positivity. Having an optimistic approach to the future and your performance is something that is called positivity. I am not saying you overlook the positive aspects and always go for reality. Being realistic is a good thing but try to find out the brighter side within the vicinity of reality.

Why do you want to join the forces?

One of the commonly asked question in ISSB. Prepare a solid reply to this question before ISSB. Your reply should be valid and sounds appropriate. Don’t copy others, make answer that depicts your personality.

Buy Appropriate Dress:

Make sure you have purchased all the required stuff and appropriate dress. Your Dress code or colour combination also has an impact on defining your personality.


Success at ISSB becomes possible with a courageous approach and practising on a regular basis. Follow these steps and you will find yourself even more energetic during those steps. Let us know how much beneficial this ISSB Guideline was for you, in the comment section.

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