How to Prepare PMA Initial Test (Written Test) - ISSB Guide


How to Prepare PMA Initial Test (Written Test) - ISSB Guide

PMA Initial Test is a preliminary written test conducts for recruiting the commissioned Officer in Pak Army.

Before going to an explanation of the PMA initial test, you must aware that how to apply for a commission in the Pak Army.  After every 6 months, an ad of PMA Long Course published in the newspaper. You can visit Join Pak Army site to get the details and get your registration done by filling the form.

Basic Instructions for PMA Initial Test

Aspirants, who are either done with intermediate or waiting for 2nd-year results, are able to apply. A candidate can select the nearest ASRC from the list according to his will. You’re require to reach the center before an hour of mentioned time. Bring every document which is mentioned in the registration form. Furthermore, to avoid facing any difficulty, read the instructions carefully.

On reaching the ASRC, staff will check your registration slip and other documents as well. Your tests will be conducted as per the mentioned time. However, sometimes due to technical fault or other issues, staff can also delay the timing of your test.

The time span between the approval of the registration and test date varies from person to person. In the case of repeater candidates (those who are once appeared at ISSB before), they usually get the call at the very beginning of the course.

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Classification of PMA Initial Test

You’ve got the registration slip along with the date for your PMA initial Test. Now, it’s time to prepare yourself mentally and physically. You have to go through from these tests which collectively called as PMA initial Test.

1.       Written Test
2.       Physical Test
3.       Initial Medical
4.       Initial Interview

These written tests are further classified into the following three portions.

·         Verbal Intelligence test
·         Non-Verbal Intelligence Test
·         Academic Portion

Note:  Remember, this test will be taken on computer screens. For this reason, you need to know how to use a computer. If you couldn’t pass the first portion of the written tests, you will be enabled to attempt other portions. The test will be organized in the above order.

Before starting the written test, Basic instructions regarding the written test will be displayed on the screen.  Sometime, the format may vary, but most of the time the test pattern would be like this.

Verbal Intelligence Test:

Since, from the name, it is clear that this test is meant to check the intelligence of a candidate. Your sharpness, general understanding of your surroundings, and everyday science will be check. Usually, this entrance-test consists of 96 MCQs which have to solve to within 35 to 40 minutes.

An easy tip to get success in the test is to stay calm and active. The more you will get panic, the worse the performance will be. Try to solve every single question in 10 to 15 seconds. If you are giving more time to solve every MCQ, then the consequences may not be in your favor. Therefore, if you cannot find the answer, go ahead and attempt the other ones. Here, the sense of your intelligence and sharpness is being checked. Some questions are more difficult and ultimately require more time to be solved. Therefore, ignore that question if you really want to score well in the tests.

The Art of Knowing is knowing What To Ignore.

If time permits, go back on those unsolved questions and mark the answer which seems right to you.  

Non-Verbal Intelligence Test:

After clearing the first portion, Now, you have to attempt Non-Verbal Intelligence. Again, you have to solve 90 MCQs in 40 minutes but this time, the question would be of different categories. Unlike, verbal intelligence tests, questions would be related to figures and shapes.

Actually, it is totally a mind game. If you do more practice of this test, you are more likely to have a grip on solving this question. Ultimately, lesser time will require to you to mark the correct answer to the question. There are many testing materials in books and soft forms available, from which you can practice a lot.

Academic Test

Academic test is the last portion of your initial written tests. 50 Simple questions will be asked related to Mathematics, Islamiyat, English, and Pak Study. And after 40 minutes, the academic portion and the whole test will be finished.

You will ask to wait for the results in the waiting area. After some time, the staff will come there to announce the results. Successful candidates will have to wait further in order to get the date of further tests.


In the past years, it is considered that to clear the PMA Initial Test is an easy task. But during the last courses, the criteria get a bit difficult. Therefore, it is highly advised to take the help of concerned books for preparation. In addition to it, if your test date is nearer then start practicing the intelligence test.


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