Pakistan Defence Budget 2020 - Important Aspects You Need To Know About


Pakistan Army Budget

Federal Government on Friday presented Taxless budget with Rs1.29 trillion Pakistan Defence Budget. Once again, it is slam over the faces who abuse against the Army and accuses it of getting 80% share in Budget.

Federal Minister Hammad Azhar said that while presenting the budget in Parliament “defence and internal security have been given adequate attention in the budget”

Some Important Stats about Pakistan Defence Budget

If we look back at the budget of previous financial years, the Pakistan army Budget percentage was 2.62 from overall size of GDP. Allocation increases by 11.8pc in this outgoing year and it becomes 2.82 pc.

In simple words, the allocation for defence of this ongoing FY is 17 pc of overall budget.

There is no major difference between the current and previous year, percentage of GDP which we are spending at our Military. Similarly, we look back further, and then the Pakistan Army budget percentage was about 2.87 in last year of PML-N Govt.
One of the major reasons in the hike in defence budget of Pakistan is the civil work. Such as fencing of borders with Afghanistan and Iran and construction of border posts undertaken by the Military.

According to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Pakistan not even makes the place in the list of top 15 countries with the highest military budget. If we take a look at the figure of our Rival country India. Then, we are far behind in this allocation. No doubt, India GDP is much higher than that of Pakistan but if we deeply India approx. 41 lac Pkr per soldier annually. While, Pakistan spends just 16 Lac PKR per soldier annually this is much lower than. Similarly, USA spend over 4 Crore PKR per its soldier.


Answer to those who comparing Pakistan defence budget with Education and Health

It is a really terrible situation that people start criticizing about anything without having insights. Firstly, it should be clear that the Military is entirely a federal institution, unlike the Education and Health department. This educational federal budget is allocated only for the Universities or Educational institutes which is running under the supervision of Federal Govt. And this is the two times of PML-N last year’s educational budget. Due to the 18th amendment, now Provinces has the autonomous power to allocate the budget as per their strategy.

Why Our Army is Our Pride?

Our Army prides itself by allocating minimal Pakistan Military budget. As compared to other countries and from our arch-rivals too. Due to our Islamic Ideology and unique geographical location. We are considered as the country has many enemies across the globe. It won’t be wrong. If we say it is the mutual and foremost agenda of many powerful countries to eliminate our existence. Besides this, Pakistan is the only country who’s 3600 KM of border length. And most importantly, it always remains active from a war perspective. Amazingly, the Military who is standing at 5th position on Biggest Armies list is located on 25th position when it comes to overall defence budget.

The reason why our enemies couldn’t even dare to enter our territory is the fear of our highly professional Armed Forces.

It is also essential to mention here that India is 8 times wealthiest then us. Despite poor and corrupt leadership in the past, who have wasted our resources relentlessly and damage our economy. When they are asked how to overcome this crisis and other problems. Then, they only reply to cut-off the Military Expenses. So keeping in mind all the facts, you must think for once who they really are. Our naïve friend or Wise Enemy.

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