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14 Leadership Qualities for ISSB

You should have the following 14 leadership qualities for ISSB to get the recommendation.

1. Planning ability
2. Courage
3. Emotions
4. Determination
5. Responsibility
6. Integrity
7. Practical sense
8. Initiative
9. Social relations
10.             Influencing ability
11.             Self-confidence
12.             Physical endurance
13.             General awareness
14.             Expression

ISSB is a complete mind game. Unlike other tests, there is no surety that you will definitely get the success by a lot of practice. This is the psyche that matters there.

Unfortunately, many of the aspirants are unaware of 14 Leadership qualities that are the basis of your recommendation. Selectors find these attributes in your personality, during 4 days stay at ISSB center. Although, many candidates have the spark and all they need is proper guidance. Click here

Having these traits in your personality is natural, but one can also develop any of this. It requires your full attention, time, and commitment. While doing so, just remember that you are struggling to get the sacred job of defending your motherland. This motivation can do impossible things, just have a firm belief in Allah and stuck with it, don’t afraid of the result. As nobody can steal anything from you which is written in your fate, not even the selector.

This post will cover, detailed and easy for comprehension, explanation of all of these traits. Before going to appear at ISSB or while preparing yourself for tests, figure it out whether these traits are present in your personality.

Must Qualities VS Should Qualities:

As from name, it indicates, Qualities on which there is no compromise upon selection, are known as must qualities. Whereas, without having certain qualities, still you can grab the success are should qualities. However, it should be clear that should qualities also play a major role in building your good impression and improve overall ISSB grading. After passing through a complete medical test successfully, better ISSB grading will help you to take place into the final merit list.


An irresponsible person cannot become a good leader. Therefore, selectors analyze whether candidates have reasonability by various tests. Usually, the GTO command task is considered as most useful test where a person’s responsibility is check. When a candidate appointed as Leaders and assigned with any task comprises of many hurdles, then the way he reacts shows his responsibility.


Physical Endurance

Everyone expects a soldier to be physically and mentally sound. A person who lacks in physical endurance is not capable to tolerate the toughest training of PMA. Besides having other qualities, you should also focus on your physical endurance. For this purpose, you can start running, some months ahead of ISSB; it will boost up your stamina. Other than this, start playing Football as it will make you able to go through any physical test without getting out of breath.


One’s strong determination can lead him closer to goals. Behind every successful person, there is sheer determination towards his aims. This trait is also counted as an important among 14 leadership Qualities. During different ISSB tests, during the performance, candidate one’s determination can be check.

General awareness

ISSB selectors are looking for candidates who have more general awareness about the world. This might include the knowledge of everyday science, Pakistan, current affairs (National and Globally), science etc. You can ruin your impression before the selector when he asked simple questions and you say sorry in the answers. However, this is should quality but surely it also matters a lot.


Your face expressions are the reflection of your inner state. Years of experience has made selectors expert to evaluate the psyche of candidate. They can easily judge your shortcoming, fears just by studying your expressions. For this reason, learn to stay calm in every situation. It has a special place in 14 leadership qualities assessed in ISSB.

Don’t worry if you are not good at this right now. Don’t play with your expression while physical tests or Interviews. Start practicing it by becoming more strong, sharper, and active. Sports are an easy way to get a grip on the traits.


Military life is full of intense emotions. At one moment, you are enjoying over successful mission, similarly at some moments you have to carry the body of soldier over your shoulder. But the training made him able to control his emotions. As emotions can be the hurdle in your work.

A person, who is full of emotions and sentiments, will make the decision according to his emotions. Leadership qualities are the main thing that can result in your recommendation. And that thing can even cause the disasters. Having emotions related to anything is a natural phenomenon, but the Military would never want that your duty is being disturbed by your emotions.

Leadership qualities for ISSB


No matter you are a soldier or a Leader, courage is important for both of them. Many examples that were set by our Shuhadas and Ghazis, is just because they are enriched with courage force. Now, being the Muslim, how can we develop great courage in every field in life? Just remember one thing, anything taking place in our earth ranging from the slightest movement of our eye to Storms, is just because of the will of Allah Almighty. This concept can seriously grow great courage in your personality.

Courage is the driving force that compels a soldier to do an impossible thing.

It is expected from a leader to be a courageous person. Let’s assume, during war situations, a soldier can face any kind of situation. But in a terrible time, if a person who is leading hundred people gets afraid of any circumstance, then it would lower down the morale of the whole team.

Influencing ability

An ability to influence defines a true leader. A leader is one who leads from the front and an inspiration for his followers. It has significant importance among 14 leadership qualities. If a leader is doing well on a battlefield or anywhere, then ultimately, the morale of his soldiers will boost up and give energy to their bodies.


If you have confidence issues, then, friend unfortunately you can’t make it. Self-confidence is foremost that is check by the selectors either in interviews or physical task. You are also suffering from those issues? Don’t worry, we are here to stimulate and push you in the right direction. Many of us may afraid of speaking in public. But a person, who becomes the master of this art, will definitely excel in his career. Look at these practices which are recommended by experts and good leaders.

Trait that has much importance amongst 14 leadership qualities is having the self-confidence. Start taking part in group discussions. If you are a university student, then take more and more part in public speaking and presentations. Besides this, select a suitable topic with some details, start giving a lecture while standing before the mirror. This hack is proven by researches and many people are using this way to overcome their speaking hesitation.


Quality of take initiative always makes you a good leader. A good leader will not stand there until someone else move forward to start. He takes the decisions straightforwardly, by his instinct and then, put all his powers to execute his plan. You may have heard that
A leader is one, who leads from the front.

Social relations

There could be a situation when a leader has to deal with the public or to convince them. A one who has good social relations will surely handle that situation. When a person interacts with a stranger or new people, he can learn a lot. However, this is a must quality among the 14 leadership qualities, and having this attribute will be plus point.

Practical sense

It is quite good if someone can create new ideas depending upon the situation. But, when it comes to executing your idea, it might be different from your expectations. As the practical world is far different from your imagination and ideas. To deal with this situation, good leaders have a practical sense of fulfilling these ideas and take out the output.

Planning ability

In the life of a soldier, he doesn’t only compete with his enemy, in fact; he is dealing with many other unexpected dangers too. And the majority of the time, what you think, doesn’t happen exactly. During that case, he has to use his nerves and take a suitable decision the right way. The state of taking good decision within no time is called a planning ability.

The planning ability of a candidate is being judge during the command task or when the interviewer asks you about any condition. Then, you should use your senses and take a decision that is right and doable on the practical ground.


If we say, Integrity is one of the most important qualities, necessary to have in your personality then it won’t be wrong. You must seek this quality within yourself, before appearing in ISSB. But many of us don’t know the right definition of Integrity.
According to the dictionary, Integrity is

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

In ISSB, for recommendation, there is no compromise on Integrity. A person who has loose character and owe the trait of dishonest then, you would not resonate with their required frequency. Let’s assume, if a leader or soldier is dishonest, then how we can expect him to be loyal to his Army. Army only needs a loyal person.

Key Takeaways:

Nobody is perfect in this world, neither you nor your selector. Surely, everyone has some flaws. But the thing that makes all the difference is the courage to get rid of your flaws. You can also adapt those 14 leadership qualities, its just the matter of motivation.

If you are going to resonate with the requirement, then you are fit in the Army. Several people complained that irrespective of having those traits they couldn’t make it.

Last but not the least, having dreams is a good thing. But the thing that matters is your devotion towards your goal. Nobody can judge yourself better than you. If you are lacking in anything, work on those points.

Let us know, how much informative this article was for you.


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