Pakistani Boy Took Revenge From His Ex-GF By 1-5 Score


Pakistani Boy Took Wondering Revenge From His Ex-GirlFriend By 1-5 Score

Love is something that makes people even stronger. Undoubtedly, it is the sweetest feeling in the world. But when someone faces betrayal or break it up with his partner, he feels broken for sure. Some people just couldn’t move on, while some of them passed the time with the profound grief, and later on, get back to their normal life. But there is another type of people, who just get freak out over this. And become eager to take revenge to restore internal satisfaction—the story of one such boy narrated below.

Here's What the Boy Said:

A few days earlier, a Karachite boy posted his unique story in a Facebook group. According to him, back in 2013, he came across a girl. They started chatting at Facebook and got closer to each other. At the beginning of 2014, they exchanged feelings of love and got into the relationship. That girl was studying in 1st year at that time. When exams of her came closer, that girl got frustrated and started crying before her boy friend, upon possible failure in Economics subject. 

As the boy had an intense feeling for her, therefore making sure that she wouldn’t fail. He stole 40 thousand rupees from his own house to use it as a reference at the board office to make his success possible. When the results announced, the girl got 80% marks in Economics. Right after 8 to 10 days, the girl broke up with him by stating that her mother fixed her marriage in childhood. Therefore, she couldn’t keep this relationship.

A year passed, before 2nd-year exams, the same girl approached him. She asked a favor about clearing the papers. That boy asked her to leave the papers empty and don’t even need to prepare for it. But, now, when the results announced, she got fail in 5 papers. She tried to contact him, but the boy had blocked her.


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