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147 PMA Long Course

147 PMA long course has arrived. PMA Long Course will be inducted in the Pakistan army as 17 rated officers on the rank of the second lt. Those courses are taken two times in a year—one course during winter and the other during summer.

All people that desire to combine the Pakistan army through the 147 PMA long course has to assess the eligibility criteria given by www.joinpakarmy.gov.pk afterwards go at the following mode. All these are the stages through which a candidate must pass:
·         Registration
·         Initial test
·         ISSB
·         Medical Test


 147 PMA Long Course Registration

Step one would be your enrollment. All bio-data is given, for example, every little detail. The registration is done at www.joinpakarmy.gov.pk through the specified dates or the various military recruiting and selection centres. After the enrollment, the slip is given to the candidate to arise in the preliminary test on the given date. Registration for 147 PMA long course starts through May and for even course (may be changed) as well as in October for the odd course (may be changed) for TGC (technical grad course) throughout May and June. For woman cadets through the entire month of June and July (may be altered due to COVID-19)

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INITIAL TESTS – 147 PMA Long Course:

After the registration, the candidates are called for the initial test. These tests comprise of many tests. Which are?
a.online tests
b.medical tests
c.physical tests


the internet test comprises of verbal, nonverbal, and academic tests. Verbal containing 94 questions to be resolved over 30 mins, nonverbal tests contain 96 questions to be resolved in 30 mins, and academic test comprises 50 questions to be resolved in 30 mins.

Verbal and non-verbal tests are based on good sense. Like series questioning, a strange man out etc. non-verbal having the same wise practice questions but associated with pictures. Shapes and sizes are given. The academic test comprises questions from Pakistan studies, Islamiyat, overall understanding, mathematics, science, and English. Cases are listed below. The candidates passing the verbal will proceed to non-verbal, and those draining the nonverbal will proceed into the academic. Those who will pass the internet tests will probably be sent for medical only. The candidate neglecting at any stage will be sent straight back at that point and can only arise within the upcoming course.
(Pictures is uploaded )
Q) Which no will be next 2, 3, 5, 7, ___?
Q) Odd man out (which is different) car, ship, train, aeroplane, bus, truck

(Pictures will be given)
Which is different (square, rectangle, octagon, hexagon, circle, pentagon)
Complete the series (an arrow pointing north, an arrow pointing east, an arrow pointing south, and ______)

Q) Which is the capital of Ethiopia?
Q) Who gave the 1962 constitution of Pakistan?
Q) Who compiled the Holy Quran for the first time?


Everything regarding the body of this candidate will be checked temporarily by a physician in the same centre and on precisely the same day. This includes height, weight, bones and feet, elbows, knees, eyes, skin, nose, ears, teeth, vocal strings.


All the candidates declared medically fit by the doctor will be needed physical on another date in a floor. Where they will be in 1 mile run in 8: 30 mins, 15 pushups, 1-5 reach instalments, three chin-ups and ditch crossing. After emptying this test, they will soon be called for an interview. 147 PMA long course registration is open, and tests may be conducted in summer, so it's an ease for candidates to pass physical tests in summer.


Additionally, this is known as a personality test. In the interview, the fundamental requirement is the confidence, esteem, temperament of the candidate which is tested. There are all questions of overall knowledge, fast math and candidate personality. Dressing and appearance are all equally important.
This concludes the 2nd measure of the selection of this candidate for Army. The forms along with the records of the candidates are given to the individual AS&RC from where they're posted to GHQ. Afterwards, your telephone for ISSB is dispatched after 30 to 40 days. A candidate will receive the telephone for ISSB 10 days before the reporting day. This call can be posted to the official website of the Army.


Earlier, repeaters of PMA long course were free from an initial interview for the 2nd attempt. But now the SOPs have been changed, and repeaters applying in 147 PMA long course also have to appear in the initial interview this time.


ISSB is not just a little-term, but it stands to get courier services, choice board. This test has become easily the most versatile and important, and any one person can make an application for ISSB just two times in his/her life. ISSB is responsible for the induction of any individual in the Army, air force or navy. It consists of many tests drawn in 4 days by an individual candidate. These tests are grouped into three main parts which are subdivided into many tests. ISSB for 147 PMA long course may start in summer once we get rid of Covid-19.

All these tests are farther broken up to after tests
·         Sentence completion tests----- 3 sheets comprising 26 incomplete paragraphs each to be performed within 6 minutes. Two sheets should be performed in Urdu and one to be performed in English
·         Word association tests----- 100 sentence awarded one by 1 with enough full time of 10 sec each. All to be done in English only
·         narrative completion tests-------- three tales to be completed at 3.5 mins every in English just on the given sentence
·         picture story tests----- three stories to be finished in 3.5 mins each in English on the specified picture
·         psychology interview


These tests are further divided to after tests
·         group discussion-- in English or Urdu on the topic given by the GTO in 20 mins
·         Extempore address ----- topic according to an area by GTO. A candidate must speak at least for two mins after believing for only 1 min

·         Group planning-- plan to be given by the comprehensive group on the whole in 20 mins for its treatment of the problem given in the model.

·         Progressive set endeavour -- three tasks to be performed at 40 mins. Given that all of the members and also the material to be on the other side of the duty... an external job. To be completed under the rules supplied by the GTO

·         Half group task-- one task to be completed in 8 mins under the principles given by the GTO by part of the group.

·         Control job -- just one in command of the comprehensive group. Must provide the strategy and also direct and lead the team to finish the job in 8 mins below the principles given to him by GTO
·         individual hurdles -- 9 challenges to be completed in 2 mins
·         final team job --just one endeavour to be performed at 20 mins collectively under the principles provided by the GTO at ENGLISH


All details and qualities of personality are judged and examined by the interviewee.


After the ISSB, the recommendation or not-recommendation correspondence has been awarded all those candidates advocated from the ISSB proceed to your closing medical in the respective CMH to join the forces.
You can visit Joinpakarmy.gov.pk for latest updates regarding 147 PMA long course.


  1. Sir g maine PMA L/C 146 Repeat krna hai plz sir tell me how can i repeat kindly sir tell me....Sir mjh se phly intial test clear nh howa ab ma repeat krna chahta hn sir kindly tell me

    1. You can't repeat a course. But you can apply in a new course as a repeater if you attempted ISSB. Otherwise you'll be considered as a fresh candidate.

  2. sir, initial test kitne bar dy sakty ha.

  3. What is fee for 2 years training?

  4. My height is 5.3 can i apply..

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  7. Assalam o Alaikum sir kindly tell me that either written intelligence test will be conducted in PMA Long cource 147 or not

  8. Assalam o alaikum
    Sir mena kal pma 147 ka test dia ha...but i didn't pass the academic part....mujha dobara sy test denay ky lia kitna wait karna paray ga?...kindly tell me...!

  9. Sir pma long kia GDP ka part bhi ha or sir pakstudy or islamyat kia GDP k academic ka part ha kia??

  10. Sir TCC ma selection easy hoti or LC

  11. Sir g new test date,I join pak army and my height is 5.10

  12. Is there any seat for pharmacist in Pak army?


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